About RED

Here at Research Engineering Development, our company culture is fully dedicated to Quality, Excellence and Speed. Research Engineering Development was originally started in 2001, as a Water Jet cutting service for the metro Phoenix area manufacturing community. Within a year, we had added Laser Cutting capability. Our quick turn around state of the art cutting services allow general fabrication shops and startups, the benefit of Laser and Water Jet cutting without the acquisition, service, and maintenance costs associated with this exotic technology.

While R.E.D. began as a stand alone Laser and Water Jet cutting service, we have now established and proofed our CNC Machining Division.

Recent addition of a highly experienced CAD/CAM design and programming team, brilliant operators, a CNC vertical machining center, and a CNC lathe, enables Research Engineering Development to provide CNC mill and turn machining capability with the same quality, speed and excellence as our cutting services.

Now, with over 15 years experience in a wide variety of industrial applications from precision aerospace to high performance custom automotive and marine, architectural and signage to artistic sculpture. Our CAD/CAM design and engineering support is un-matched. We routinely work in a state of emergency, so we are comfortable running your projects fast.

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