Machine: Mitsubishi 2512 HD - 48" X 96"

Our Laser is a 3000 watt carbon dioxide laser, its "color" is in the infra red region, 1,064 nanometers. The laser cuts certain materials better than others, and imparts some heat into the part. On more intricate parts, where heat is a concern, we will typically cut slower using less power in short pulses. On Stainless Steel alloys, we can use high pressure nitrogen assist gas, for an oxide free "clean cut" edge. In general, if a material can be cut on the laser, it will be more cost effective than using the water jet.

  • Beam Diameter: .010"

  • Accuracy: +/-0.001"

Maximum Material Thickness:

  • Hot Roll Steel: 1/2"

  • Stainless Steel: 3/16"

  • Aluminum: 1/8"

  • Plastics: 1/2"

  • Hardwood: 3/4"


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