If you have a sample part or a broken part, but no drawings, We can digitize parts up to 48" X 96".  We can scan parts, or tracings of parts,


Many of our Customers have started with a good idea and no real prior manufacturing experience, needing only a couple parts to proof their idea.  R.E.D. supports American ingenuity, invention and innovation, we are not strictly interested in large volume production.   


We develop and produce new product samples for design groups to present for off-shore manufacturing on a routine basis.  We can support you in start up production for initial marketing, until your quantity requirements become attractive for outsource manufacturing.  If you are getting ready for off shore manufacturing, it is typical for us to build three sets of parts, and assemble two of them, one assembly stays here, and one assembly, and a complete set of parts, ships to the off shore operation.  We also have proven relationships with several off shore facilities, and can offer reliable medium to high volume production capability, complete to delivery here at R.E.D. Phoenix, in about two months. 


For urgent design situations, customers can rent a work staging area in our facility, while we provide real time CAD/CAM project part fabrication and fixturing.  Typically we can provide your next part, or revise a part in a matter of a few minutes. If you have a complex project with a critical deadline, this capability can save you months in project development time. 


Centrally located in the metro Phoenix area, and having nurtured long term business relationships with a variety of secondary operation sub-contractors, we have access to an unusually robust variety of outside manufacturing processes that we can carry out for you, saving time and money.


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